Esin Gural Argat had a vision to create an artsy and indulgent resort, while still incorporating holistic elements. Her dream has now come true through JOALI BEING Maldivas located in Bodufushi near Raa Atoll.

Biophilic design principles were followed when creating this new wellness retreat, which blends nature and architecture to achieve equilibrium and counter negative vibrations. A team of naturopaths, movement experts and nutritionists lead bespoke wellbeing programs designed around four pillars - mind, skin microbiome and energy - for ultimate well-being.

Embark on a journey of wellbeing

If you have been experiencing health challenges or just feel out-of-balance in life, now may be the time to embark on an exploration of wellbeing. JOALI BEING Maldivas - the first nature immersive wellness island retreat in the Maldives - provides the ideal setting to reconnect with both yourself and the wider world around you.

The 68 villa resort provides transformative wellbeing journeys designed to restore equilibrium to all four aspects of wellbeing: mind, skin, microbiome and energy. Their team of naturopaths, wellbeing consultants and culinary experts will guide you through an individual program tailored specifically for your needs; each program typically lasts between five nights to three weeks in length in order to help achieve your goals.

Find peace on the soothing overwater meditation deck Ocean Sala, unwind in the Russian banya (steam bath), salt inhalation room and hammam, or enjoy one of the healing spa's range of therapies designed to address various aches and pains.

Wellness doesn't mean depriving yourself of food or exercise; rather, it means making changes that will enhance your quality of life and keep you healthy and content. At JOALI BEING's menus feature fresh food from earth-to-table that's locally sourced and sustainably harvested - earth to table is our focus - locally harvested with an emphasis on strength, vitality, mental clarity, hormonal balance, women's health concerns, digestive and weight rebalancing, anti-ageing benefits, energy replenishment, replenishment & restorative sleep.

Guest can enjoy participating in various wellness workshops and classes hosted by an expert team of wellbeing practitioners, culinary artists, and herbalists. These are designed to help guests understand and discover principles of good health while teaching ways they can incorporate these practices into their daily lives.

There are also plenty of activities available, from yoga and meditation classes to snorkeling and kayaking trips, snorkeling lessons, snorkeling trips and kayak tours, snorkeling courses as well as kayak tours to snorkeling spa treatments such as massage, facial and body treatments to help bring back that youthful radiance. Plus there's even a spa offering massage, facial and body treatments designed to restore radiance to the skin!

JOALI BEING was conceptualised and founded by Turkish entrepreneur Esin Gural Argat after she realized there wasn't a Maldivian wellbeing retreat specifically dedicated to wellness. Situated a 40-minute seaplane ride away from Male International Airport on Bodufushi island, this retreat boasts 68 private beach and water villas that invite relaxation.

Discover a new way of living

JOALI BEING Maldivas offers an unforgettable wellness retreat set within Raa Atoll's stunning lagoons. Situated on Bodufushi island in Raa Atoll's northeastern corner archipelago, JOALI BEING Maldivas serves as sister resort of acclaimed art-oriented resort, JOALI Maldives (which opened its doors in 2018).

At this wellness-centric destination, the core philosophy is built upon four pillars - Mind, Skin, Microbiome and Energy - which serve as the basis for personalized, transformative programs designed to achieve a sense of "weightlessness" for guests - leaving them feeling renewed, uplifted and inspired. Their expert team includes herbalists, naturopaths, therapists, movement specialists and nutritionists that assist guests on their individual journeys towards self-discovery.

JOALI BEING offers tailored Immersion Programmes from five nights to three weeks that go even deeper into creating an enhanced, immersive and long-lasting wellness experience. Each programme starts with an Intelligent Movement Analysis and Integrative Health Assessment so as to tailor each experience perfectly towards meeting each guest's individual goals.

Individual wellbeing programs provide a holistic experience, including yoga, meditation, movement and diet to address all aspects of health and wellness. Each bespoke programme is developed in conjunction with Oxford University professor Gerry Bodeker - an expert on traditional and integrative medicine and wellness who was educated at Harvard.

To assist in this endeavor, AKTAR herbology center will offer customized tinctures tailored specifically for all wellness issues, and can connect patients to naturopaths, therapists, nutritionists and movement experts who will collaborate with the herbalist in developing custom elixirs that help address imbalances. Furthermore, the culinary experience provided at JOALI BEING supports small local farms while creating delicious dishes made fresh daily!

Inspired by their natural surroundings, the interiors feature relaxed yet flowing lines designed to reflect the wild forest of the island. A variety of wellness facilities such as hydrotherapy hall, hammam, Russian banya and ocean-view relaxation room as well as fitness studio and overwater meditation deck. In terms of dining experiences there are three signature kitchens - Plantae, Su and B'Well - each providing their own menu selection.

Uncover your inner artist

JOALI BEING Maldivas, an exclusive island retreat located in the Maldives, brings an innovative art-immersive luxury experience. Situated on Muravandhoo Island of Raa Atoll and composed of 73 water and beach villas with artistic details that can be felt throughout, JOALI BEING Maldivas' artful luxury can be felt throughout each detail of its property.

Joali's design features pastel and powder tones with traditional woodcarvings to create a feminine mid-century aesthetic, all set within lush nature. This approach marries architecture and nature to honor its healing powers and celebrate the world outside.

The artworks at this property were inspired by its surrounding natural beauty, and were designed with this in mind (for instance, one villa features an abstract structure designed to look like the skirt of a whirling dervish). Each art piece carefully chosen by local artisans to highlight key issues like conservation and marine protection in this region.

At JOALI BEING, there are multiple ways for guests to engage with nature: guided walks through the resort's flower garden and snorkeling safari in some of Maldives' most exquisite marine habitat. Young guests also learn how to interact with live organisms while helping replant coral colonies as part of JOALI BEING's Coral Reef Restoration Project Nursery.

For guests seeking holistic approaches to their wellbeing, the retreat offers treatments and therapies addressing each of the four pillars of health: mind, skin, microbiome and energy. Their spa is staffed by Ayurvedic doctors, specialist healers and chefs that combine modern with ancient practices in order to bring you inner calmness and happiness.

Culinary offerings follow an earth-to-table model, offering ingredient traceability and fresh locally sourced food that benefits small farmers. One such eatery is Flow, an open air space serving breakfast and dinner.

At AKTAR on-site herbology center of the resort, an expert resident herbalist offers workshops and elixirs that target specific areas of the body like skin or microbiome health. Through workshops at this center, guests can also learn to make natural body creams, face masks and massage oils themselves.

Connect with nature

JOALI BEING is an immersive nature-centric retreat developed in collaboration with Harvard-trained expert Professor Gerry Bodeker to promote traditional and integrative medicine and wellness. Offering fully customised results-driven transformative programs designed to leave guests feeling rejuvenated, replenished and inspired with an indescribably "weightlessness".

JOALI BEING offers 68 'well living spaces' across both beach and overwater locations, from villas with private pools and butler service to villas complete with meditation instruments and wellbeing games.

Transformation begins with a consultation with one of the resort's wellbeing consultants and is tailored to each guest's individual needs and goals. After conducting an Intelligent Movement Analysis and Integrative Health Assessment, your personal wellbeing consultant will create a customised program addressing mind, body, skin and microbiome wellness.

There are also several discreet wellness facilities, including Areka Spa which boasts 39 treatment rooms offering scientific therapies, diagnostic services and educational programmes as well as alternative and complementary healing treatments such as Four Pillars Massage sessions or Water Rebirthing and Reiki healing. Other wellbeing experiences available here include Four Pillars Massage or Water Rebirthing experiences or Reiki healing treatments.

At JOALI BEING, culinary offerings focus on an earth-to-table initiative which highlights fresh, locally harvested produce. Menus are carefully designed by nutritionists at the resort to ensure food is healthy, sustainable and ethically sourced.

No matter how you prefer to dine - dining concept, turtle treehouse or private sandbank - our team can arrange meals that fit seamlessly with your lifestyle and preferences. With three restaurants - Plantae serving vegetarian and vegan fare; Su providing ocean-to-table pescatarian cuisine and B'Well offering their signature JOALI BEING menu - offering Earth-to-Table cuisine options, all tailored specifically towards individual lifestyle needs and preferences.

Herbal healing is at the core of JOALI BEING, and AKTAR herbology center specializes in creating natural remedies using herbs, spices and essential oils. Through a library and calendar of interactive workshops, guests can learn to make their own herbal teas as well as body creams, face masks and massage oils - with an AKTAR Shop selling dried herbs, oils and natural cosmetics as a retail outlet.

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